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Our technicians

Free evaluation

You can get a complete diag of the condition of your device to $ 49.99, considering that this amount will be deductible

for repairs or the purchase of parts.

Installation & Configuration

Starting at $ 29.99

Note that we apply the policy of first come first served, for work done in the workshop.

The hourly rate is $ 79.99 / hour
Maintenance: change thermal paste and cleaning with compressed air: $ 29.99
Installation & configuration of a part: $ 34.99
Installation & Configuration software: $ 34.99
Virus Disinfection: $ 59.99
Data Backup

Starting at $ 59.99

Keep a copy of security that will save you a lot of trouble in case of breakage, theft, accident or viruses attacking your device.

Backup on (1) CD-ROM: $ 39.99
Data Transfer: $ 39.99 to $ 99.99 (depending on complexity)
Emergency service workshop.

Starting at $ 49.99 extra.

Our technical support department offers emergency repair service in under 2 hours.

For a fee of $ 49.99 extra, you can receive priority repair.
Set up-to -day

Consult our experts of the technical department for the update to your device -level and prolong the life of your computer.

several fixed prices including all services (assembly, assembly, installation, configuration, data transfer, reinstalling Windows, etc.),

call us at 418 681 9434.